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Once again my mother shows her true colours. It’s always nice to know that when I’m in a bind I can’t count on her. I spent my entire child hood helping her out, spent my entire teenage years working two jobs as a drop out to pay her bills and her rent and provide her children. Now that I’m grown and I need a little help she can’t be bothered. I swallow my pride and beg and plead for her to lend me just enough money to keep myself afloat long enough to make it through to the next month when I’m sure to have some financial relief. I just need a little help to last just a few weeks and then I can scrap by on my own again. You think she would help me for the sake of her child, for the sake of her grandchildren, or simply to repay me for all the years I went out of my way well she was down and out to help her. But No, she can’t do it, she wont do it, but she will sit there and lecture me well she blows her money frivolously on the 50th pair of shoes she will never wear and that $100 boxet of the TV series she likes so much about how I really need to find away to get some money and how I should ask someone to lend it to me because I got kids to consider and I can’t afford to end up homeless again… so long as it’s not her who has to lend me the money or take me in when I have no place to go. Oh my dear sweet mother, the perfect example of the woman I never wanted to be like. Selfish B*#@h!


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