All in all, its been quite a topsy turvy week. Filled mostly with more and more school work. I have gone to feeling ok about the work, to freaking out, and back again. Everyday seems like I have a million different views on it.

I have noticed that recently my moods change increasingly quickly. One minute I will be so hyper its not funny, and then I’m feeling totally down and out, and just want to die. Its so strange. It changes quickly too. In a few hours I can go from one to the other. I’m confused about it. I don’t know how to control it. Some of my class mates have even noticed it. They mentioned how my moods seem to change quickly. I feel odd about them mentioning it. Is that normally something you mention to someone?

I have been invited to a BBQ at one of my classmates placeses tomorrow. I don’t know if i’ll go yet. I’m feeling quite unsociable right now. THat might change tomorrow.. who knows. I do have some school work that I should be doing to, I guess I could leave that for tueday.. I don’t know yet.

I spent the first half of today in bed asleep. I didn’t get to bed until around 4am. I was mostly just in the chatroom. I was feeling quite down, but I felt wierd about mentioning it in the chat so I just kinda went along with the conversation that was going on in there. I had quite a headache for alot of yesterday. I took (i think) around 12 nurofen plus in about 8 hours. Not healthy I know.. It didn’t work either. I ended up just feeling very nautious from all the codine and ibprofen.

THe second half of the day, I spent reading Dan Browns "Angels and Demons" and re arranging my furniture in my bedroom. I’m borrowing an old TV of my grandparents, and its much bigger than the one that I had before. A bit of re-arranging was necessary.  Later on in the day I was messing around with a spray tanner, just on my legs, and the smell was SO strong, I can still smell it and it’s like, burning my eyes almost. Its not good.

Thats all.


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