My son has been on Accutane now for 10 days.  Finally.  It has taken him time to finally really want to try this drug.  I wish he didn’t have to take another med, when he is already on a couple, but…as you all know, OCD and teenager and low-self esteem  with a side of ACNE thrown in is a b#%*&. He has been doing so much better going to school and doing his schoolwork, but the acne seemed so neverending.  The more he thinks about it, the more he obsesses.. etc. etc. Scarring has already started. SO,… we are.  We all realize that it typically will "flare up" in the early stages of taking Accutane, so we have not seen the harvest yet.

We are hopeful, and he is settled with the idea of this heavy duty drug.  The only side effects he notices so far, is the very dry and chapped lips.  Bert’s Bees lip balm is his new best friend!   🙂     

LENS Neurofeedback update for any who are interested (very awesome natural "Brain Biofeedback" that has allowed my son’s OCD/ anxieties  to be but a dull roar) is that I am happy to report he is on honor roll and only missed minimal days of school due to the OCD beast.  Praise God.  The latest improvement we have noticed is in the ADD department.  He can actually work on homework in evening hours after his ADD medication has worn off some nights.  Never been able to do this before.  This comes after 8 months of treatment.  I am so happy for his future.  The LENS Neurofeedback not only has diminished his depression/OCD symptoms, but is now helping his ADD (diagnosed in fourth grade). 

I am really hoping that once his face clears up with Accutane treatment, that he will feel better about himself so he can try to regain the social part of his teen years that he lost when he developed this condition 1 1/2 years ago.  He used to be on the junior high football team and basketball team with lots of friends.  He became a loner after he had to be homeschooled in 8th grade due to "the beast OCD."  I have hope now, thanks to this neurofeedback.  Not to mention, I bought the same LENS Neurofeedback system myself  so I can assist his treatment.  Eventually, with experience, I will just take over doing his treatments on my own.  

Well, my fellow survivors of OCD, I wish you all the best and my prayers are with you.  God Bless.


  1. buffster 13 years ago

    \..I too suffered from severe socially debilitating acne in my teens & early 20’s & went on Accutane soon afterward..I went from a very timid socially insecure young man to a self-assured eccentric little extrovert almost overnite..its a wonder drug for certain even with the side effects..just make sure he keeps his hair & sking moisturized constantly & has a bottle of eyedrops with him @ all times during his regime..also Vitamin E will help with the scarring..good luck 2 both of you in retrieving his lost years..\

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  2. tziel 13 years ago

    Gosh, thanks for sharing your experience and your good news. It’s so good to hear of successes.  Thanks for sharing God’s help and your strength. I was also on Accutane for the full treatment regimen due to awful acne. I’m glad your future is looking bright.

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  3. barkley 13 years ago

    Wow…that sounds a lot like me 20 years ago or so.  Accutane worked wonders for my acne, buit did dry the heck out of my skin.  I was off of it about 6 months after starting and the sever acne never came back.  Unfortunately, I have always had the OCD although it did seem to go into remission during my college years. 

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  4. robby 13 years ago

    My son started Accutane when he was 17 and in about two/three months very good results kicked in.  He is now 18 and his skin looks great.  He did however have the dry lips symptom.  Sounds like he he is heading in the right direction in a number of fronts.  Best.  Rob

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