When you’re down and in despair

The chance to be happy is so rare

Suicide comes to mind

Don’t bother your friends your be a bind


You try to fight it on your own

Things get worse being all alone

Out of proportion things do get

You’re going to do it your mind is set


Through the mist you have a vision

Talk to the family they will listen

Too upset to use the phone

Write an email to set the tone


Talk to your doc is the reply you see

Got shopping to do, too busy for me

Ring me again when you’re feeling better

Don’t want to know, not even a letter


Had no contact since that day

Family love just blown away

The hurt that caused is beyond believe

All this adding to your grief


Alone again the despair is worse

To the family you’re just a curse

The love you thought would be there

Turned their backs without a care


Now the pain has grown and grown

I can’t carry on being alone

I’ve tried and tried but it’s gone to deep

Now I just want to sleep


From this sleep I will not wake

The only way, better than a lake

Not to hurt the one’s I love but damn

 I’m no good to you the way I am

[all hope now just about gone]


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