Well, I'm not seeing my therapist who I was going to for about 3 years anymore. He did help me, but the thing is, he's a Christian Councilor, and that was fine for a while, but then he began to share his conservative right wing beliefs with me…and that didn't fly well. I don't bond with him well anymore mainly because of this, but also because I don't see myself belonging to any ONE religion right now, although yes, I still believe in Jesus, and God, but it really ends at that for me. But now, I'm on the search for another GOOD doctor, and I'm really not having any luck.
The first lady who I met ended up making me feel WORSE. She talked to me as if I were some odd specimen who she couldn't wait to study, and that really made me uncomfortable. She told me things like, "Hmmm..Well it seems that you have many OTHER ISSUES going on BESIDES OCD…. have you ever been diagnosed with anything else????
I felt like saying, "No! And I'm not about to."
The next doctor I was going to see is almost harassing me. I called her a month ago to see if I might try her, but then I ended up canceling the appointment, and she's been calling my phone since then, almost every week, leaving me messages asking me if I want to reschedule. She’s even texted me…
Meanwhile, I'm suffering still, going on 11 months with my boyfriend, Eric, and loving him more, while simultaneously, suffering more and I'm out of hope or the will to keep looking for a doctor who isn't a quack, or actually takes my BULLSHIT insurance, which lessens my options DRASTICALLY…anyone from Jersey who might have some suggestions?

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