Okay, I feel really irked.  I’m planning this Halloween party, and it’s meant to be really fun and entertaining, and Halloween’s finally on a Friday this year so it’s a decent night of the week to have people over, and I invited people and one of them, this ONE person who just keeps irritating me, says no, half the guest list can’t come because they have an annual tradition of seeing the ‘Saw’ movies on that night.  OMG!! And I’M meant to be the obsessive one. Honestly, he does this with everything, he’s got a very controlling personality, like last Christmas when he wouldn’t stop trying to make me feel guilty (not to mention his girlfriend) because I encouraged his girlfriend to open her gift from me while I was actually there with her, rather than waiting until Christmas day.  I mean, how is that holiday spirit? Or when he hijacked my son’s 2nd birthday party and turned it into a lecture about how I’m basically such an ignorant failure of a citizen just because I chose not to vote in the London mayoral elections (and by the way, we don’t even live in London anymore!!).  And I mean, NO ONE showed up for my birthday party this year apart from one friend.  I do so much for people, I plan things, I’m fun, it’s exciting, what the hell is people’s problem!?  I’m just so sick of it. I can’t believe I’m being turned down for ‘Saw [bloody] FIVE’.[br][br]And he’s like, ‘I could do 1st November.’ IS THAT HALLOWEEN??  No, it’s not even in advance of it, it’s after the day is OVER.  It means I have to do the pumpkin and the candy the day before, in which case I kinda feel like what’s the point in the party?  And I’m NOT holding off on the pumpkin and candy until the party, because I spent my whole life not being allowed to celebrate holidays properly, not being able to give out candy or decorate the house for Halloween, because my dad has always been so weird about anything ‘sentimental’, as he calls it, and England hardly pays attention to Halloween anyway but it’s my favourite holiday of the year and I make a strong point of celebrating it nonetheless, and so it means a hell of a lot more to me than seeing a film sequel on the same day each year. That is what we call an obsession. This party is what we call being festive and trying to have a social life on an appropriate day, rather than AFTER the entire holiday is OVER![br][br]And I’m pissed off with him anyway because…well I’ve mentioned some things, but also things like when we couldn’t make his birthday party a couple years ago because, hey, we had a small baby and no money and he was holding the party at a nightclub we’d have to stay at until about 3am and we just couldn’t do it and couldn’t work out babysitting, and rather than understanding he actually changed his Facebook status to something about how now he knew who his REAL friends were.  Or how about when he sent us an invite to something and it wasn’t happening for three weeks and after giving me only two days to respond to the invite, he texted to say he’d given up on me, and when I replied saying I was really stressed out in life as it was and I really would appreciate him not sending me guilt-inducing texts about something that really isn’t that big a deal, he wrote me to say I was totally unfair and mean to him, and I’m like good grief, enough with the victim act!  And the other day he said he was planning a bachelor party for George and was going to hire a stripper – and I’m like…excuse me?  This isn’t like some simple boyfriend/girlfriend thing. We’ve lived together three years. We have a CHILD. Not to mention George finds strippers and pornography degrading and depressing (and no I’m not deluded, he really means it – if you bring things like that up in a conversation he actually requests the topic be changed because he doesn’t want to think about it), and this person is George’s friend of like 15 years so you’d think he’d know that by now; it’s not exactly a secret.  I diplomatically pointed that bit of information out to him, and suggested he arrange something George would actually have any interest in at all.  I KNEW he’d be the one to decide to organize something.  He’s always organizing something. He even tried to organize George’s birthday party.  I mean George made one suggestion of going out to this theme park, and the next day I get an e-mail from this friend with all the information for how to get there and pricing, and basically denouncing the whole idea as crap because, in his view, all the rides were too childish.  I’m like…it’s not YOUR party! How rude! [br][br]And I mean…I guess the whole thing stems back to when we’d had the baby together and this friend invited George to something and listed me on the invite as ‘+1’ rather than inviting me by name…like I’m really ‘guest’ status by this point.  And whenever he came round, I was so patronized by him.  I mean, George agrees with me, so it’s nothing on him, by the way.  Personally, I think I only invite this person out of politeness, by now.  For his birthday, in the end, George just ignored everything and went out with family and that was the end of it.  Which I think pissed this person off…and again, it’s like…it’s not YOUR birthday.[br][br]Okay.  I think I’m done venting now. I just had to say that somewhere, so I didn’t end up acting on impulse and saying it all to the actual person in question.


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