I’ve been feeling very lonely lately. I’ve been through tough times last year feeling that I’ll never get a boyfriend and I don’t deserve it and that I’m too fat and ugly for any boys to ever like or love me, my boyfriend dumped me which hurt me worse than anything, my grandpa passed away and so did one of my friends. I have very few people to talk to if any. I’m looking for friends to connect with around my age (I’m 20). I have self harm tendencies. I need someone to talk to. I feel that my broken heart is still broken and it will take a lot for it to heal.

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  1. brandiblue 2 years ago

    Hey lovely lady! i would love to chat with you sometime, im free all week. we can zoom and watch a movie or just talk. I can relate to what you’re feeling, though all i can do is sympathize and offer friendship. let me know 🙂 <3

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