So, obviously I am continuing from Part 1. To sum it up, I haven't been talking to my mother for the last few months, since about February. But, I made it official by telling her on March 1. So, its just nearly been 3 months since I've heard from her. So far, she is keeping her promise of me not hearing from her. Although, on March 28, my 15 year old brother texted me saying: "Mom is the best. I love her. :)" He texted me this out of the middle of nowhere and it really felt like a slap in the face. I then was forced to talk to him about it, when I had planned to not get my brothers involved at all. I had planned to keep it between my mother and I. I didn't want to ruin my brothers' relationships with her. I of course, wasn't going to ask them to take sides. I didn't want to put them in an awkward position, or like between a rock and a hard place. Instead, our mother and my brother put him there. She did it by bad-mouthing me and telling him all about it. Then when I tried to talk to him about it, he utterly took her side, even after everything I told him in defense of myself. I tried and tried, for what have must been a couple hours. My husband tried to get him to understand, too. He just wouldn't and he actually told me that he would defend her no matter what, because she is our mother. Even though he knows about me getting molested, by someone who was her live-in boyfriend for 7 years, and after that happened they not only continued to live together, but she made me continue to live with them also. I wasn't molested for 7 years, just once by him pretty much, although he always did treat me like crap and now that I'm older, I can see the signs that led up to the molestation. I cannot understand how my mother didn't see them. That is only one of the things she has done to me, out of a LOT. I also helped to raise 2 of my brothers, the 15 year old and the one that is now 18. I have other siblings on my dads side. But, those 2 are my siblings on my moms side.I did a hell of a lot for them. I did so much for them when they were little and throughout their lives, that it literally bordered on a mom/sister relationship. Now, because of the way my 15 year old brother reacted to the situation, I've been afraid to talk to my 18 year old brother at all. I haven't talked to my 15 year old brother since that fight. I explained it over and over again to him and he still didn't get why I am not talking to her. My 18 year old brothers birthday was 2 days ago, so I had to tell my step-dad to wish him a happy birthday for me. I don't know when I'll be able to speak to either one of them again and I definitely don't know when I'll be able to forgive my 15 year old brother. I know I've already gone on too long about this. But, one last thing I wanted to say right now is that my dad, step-dad and step-mom all think I should just forgive my brother for being so cold to me, even after everything I've done for him. They told me that he is a victim of my mother as well. But, they weren't on the phone with him like I was, so they didn't actually hear the words he was ssaying and how plainly he was saying them. I haven't been hurt this bad in a long time.


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