Okay ; so I have somehow managed to slow down the hypomania . I did so much stuff yesterday that I was physically exhausted when evening hit . That left mostly my mind to deal with . . . even though I was physically worn out , my brain kept pointing out things that I needed to get up and do right that second ! I couldn't sit still for very long ~ it just was not possible . I stopped drinking anything caffeinated after my 1st 2 cups of coffee this morning , and last night I did manage to go to sleep around midnight . And I slept until 6a.m. ! Last night I did what Muppet suggested and try to focus on meditation and other positive things that would put my energy to good use . At least I felt like I accomplished things . 🙂

Today has been better . . . I took Zachary to school , came home and got ready for work , and then went in . It was only a 4and a half hour shift , but at least it gave me something useful to do with my energy . And I found I could focus on the task at hand all day today , instead of hopping like a jack-rabbit from one thing to another . And while I was talkative , it wasn't presssured speech . I rarely have that issue when being hypomanic .

The good news is I think it's done . The Lamictal really IS helping me stabilize mood swings much more quickly than before . This time it only lasted for 2 – 3 days , when in the past it has gone on for as long as several weeks or more . And instead of the drop into depression that I was expecting to hit me at any time, all that's really happened so far is I've gotten a headache ( from lack of caffeine probably , lol ) and the feeling of being sleepy and wanting a nap . It could still change , but I'm going to choose to be hopeful about it . Whatever comes along I will handle when it happens ; so I'm not going to spend time worrying about it until then .

I wanted to say thank you to my friends for checking in on me and giving me helpful ideas and support through that scary interlude . . . it means the world to me . You are all so kind and loving and I treasure each one of your unique qualities and the friendships we share .

I hope the world is right with you today . Hugs to everyone . 😀

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  1. landscaper 10 years ago

    (((hugs))) to you too…

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