Yea, so as the title suggests this is how I became me. So a little background info for those that haven’t taken the time to read my first blog. I live with a christian family, they’re all white, and I have 2 siblings that take their attention. Now that that’s outta the way welcome back, sits your gracious host of this blog, Chase. So when I was in the 5th grade, 11/12 years old, I started on what would be a life changing path. One that I don’t regret going down, nor would I change my decision. I started asking questions, looking around the internet for what I was feeling. I’m sure you know what I mean. (No, not porn.) But for those that don’t, I started looking for am I gay quizzes. Yea, I know, stupid, right? Anyway, I started getting more curious and interested. And now I’m here, good old me. I kept researching to specify my sexuality on how I felt. To me, gender didn’t matter, I just wanted someone to love me. The first person I told is someone one very close to me, I will not name her but she’s a lesbian in my grade, and we started talking about it and she was the first person I ever told. From there I went through the years of middle school (6th through 8th grade) as normal, telling my few friends at the time how I felt and that they could leave me if they wanted to. Now that I’m in high school, I’ve been introduced to a whole new group of people that I can call my friends. They share some of my struggles and can relate to me. They’ll always play be there for me and I’ll be there for them. High school is more accepting of those that are under the flag of pride. As does most things it does depend on who you hang out with. So yea, my parents do not know, no one in my family does. I’d prefer to keep it that way till I’m out of the house. Better safe than sorry. So the part that probably no one has been anticipating. Oh, and if you can’t tell already, I’m super sarcastic, (It annoys the hell out of my teachers.) I start the day pretty early, 5:30 am. I get everything I need ready in this time till I leave for school at 7. From there I go through my classes, same as most of you. Then I usually have some sort of practice after school. When I get home I eat, shower sleep. In that exact order. I’m usually in bed before 9. My free time is spent listening to music, podcasts, reading, writing, watching anime, playing either Forza or Overwatch, eating, and talking with friends. So I guess this is the end. Sorry my personal life is boring and uninteresting. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this but I am single. So enjoy reading this fucking 80 page essay and fell free to ask questions or whatever in the comments. I’ll do my best to respond and answer. Until next time!


Sincerely, Chase

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    coldheart2350 3 years ago

    Goddamn I knew it was long but looking at it I’m sorry y’all are being forced to suffer to learn about me.

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  2. bookworm 3 years ago

    That sounds pretty awesome. XD I wish I was out to my friends!

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