I’m so furious, I could explode. 


So I taught this exam class last year under extreme pressure because the students weren’t nearly close to being ready and I left that school because of the way I was treated in the school and the circumstances under which I had to teach.


My old boss owes me some paperwork so I e-mailed him to remind me to send it to me and ask him what the results were like for the exam.  He wrote back that my class results had been a disaster and that they’d all failed.


My husband spent most of the night trying to talk me down, poor soul.  I’m overweight, ugly, slow and stupid and the only thing I thought I was any good at was teaching.  This f***ing idiot ex-boss destroyed that perception with one stupid e-mail.


Initially, I was shattered.  Now I’m just really mad.  The ‘boss’ swanned into the school a year ago, claiming he’d bought the business and had business cards printed up with ‘Managing Director’ on them.  As the school doesn’t have any directors, his title makes no f***ing sense.  I’ve since found out, he owns a share of the school but nowhere near the majority. 


He never once came into my class to see how I taught.  He never once trained me or took any professional interest in my teaching skills.  This ‘boss’ likes titles and making cash.  Even when I submitted a report warning him that the exam course students weren’t ready and would undoubtedly fail, he didn’t take any notice.


And now he sends this shitty e-mail!  Making it sound like it’s my fault.  That a**hole should never have promised those students they would pass!  I’m not a f***ing miracle worker and cannot turn below-par students into geniuses overnight and yet that’s exactly what was expected of me!


So anyway, thanks ‘boss’ for just making me feel more crap about myself than I already do anyway.  You’re scum and what goes around comes around. 

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  1. Melfarr 14 years ago

    Hey thats not on you, if you had the time and the right resource I am sure they would have done amazing, but your right it can”t over night and some students just don”t pass its the way of life

    Don”t get hard on yourself seems like tough odds to beat!

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