The Process of Finding True Love

The process of taking chances are horrible ones
But they will pay off
People don't like wearing their hearts on their sleeve
And they do not like opening up
But this all the beginning of finding true love

Love sucks at points in your life
And at times you justwannagive up
Cause your sick of looking
And you don't believe anymore

But if you do give up on love
You will never find your true love
And if youdon't' give up on love
Love will always come around

Love leaves damaging scars
And always horrible pain
And some scars are evenirreversible

But never think that something is wrong with you
For love doesn't always come fast
Sometimes you must and have to be patient
But if you are good and wait and be patient
Love will always come to you

Pretty much the process of love is taking the chances
Of a broken hearts many
And the risk of the damaging scars
That can be done

This is that part were I totally agree
Love does suck when you get your heart broken
And you have the reminders of the damaging scars
And these are the days when you justwannagive up

But you can't give up on love
Cause love never ever stay forever and ever
And you could be missing out on your true love

So to find true love you must be brave and take all the chances
That are required and will happen
To find true love

When you're heart is broken don't give up
You must pick yourself up
And put yourself back in the game
The game offindingtrue love

When you think all is all over don't think that
It takes time to heal and mend a broken heart

When you're done healing
You will realize something
You willrealizewhathappenedand what went wrong

Every relationship will make you stronger and wiser
Once you realize this you are ready to get back in the game
The game of finding true love

Love will always make you stronger and wiser when it comes to broken hearts
And relationships

You will realize that to find true love
You must always take the chances of true love

To find true love you must
The chances of a broken heart
And damaging scars that stays for a life time

But you realize that you must wear your heart on your sleeve no matter what
Even knowing that you could go through another broken heart(many)

But you finally realize that that is all about finding true love
And it's worth all the broken hearts and all the pain and damaging scars
You realize if that's what it takes to find your true love forever and ever
Than that's what you'll do
Cause when you find your true love forever and ever
You will realize that it was totally worth waiting
And all those broken hearts

True love will always eliminate all the broken hearts that you have
And will mend and heal all your damaging scars
That's what true love does
And if you ask me it's totally worth it

So be patient be brave always have a open mind and an open heart
And always remember to be patient
And always love no matter what!

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