Life is a blur now-a-days. I knew it would be but its time to refelct. I don’t have enough time but I will give a quick update.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my Birthday! I appreciate that.

This week I continued to work then go to borders and do homework and come home and try and do more homework in the dark and then finally sleep. I got progressively more tired as the week ond.

Wednesday on the way home my car broke. I made it home but I’m not driving right now. I really want to skip the step of fixing it and just buy a new car but I want a reliable car and I don’t have the kind of money for one right now. So for now I am on the fence and am just busing it…

The Bus:
That is a crazy situation. It takes a couple hours each way. Sadly it stops running at like 8 too so I can’t really go to borders any more. This means the two hours or so on the internetless bus after work is just a waste of time until I get home and can do homework. Then when I get home I have to worry about trying to work in a room with my sister and her boyfriend trying to sleep. This leads me to my next topic…

Moving Out:
My sister and her boyfriend are keeping the house when his family move out in April. This means they will be paying ful rent. That means they want me to stay and help out. That means continuing to commute to work and that it will remain hard for me to have friends over. Hopefully if I do stay I will clean up the place and of course get my own room. Rent here will be cheaper for me than moving out but because I had to take a pay cut for this job, I will still have trouble with money. There is the possiblity of moving out with a friend from work. Which brings up the next point…

I’ve got a few buddies from work now. There showing me around the area and what not. I saw Hollywood last night when we went to the Roxy for a hip-hop show… that was awesome. The night before, my 21st birthday, we stayed over at one of my friend’s house. He said I could move in for $300 a month but he has to more in 3 months. I’m considering it because it’s close to work but the down sides are that I will be living far from my sister, It’ll cost me a bit more, and this is a new friend so it could go bad. But it is a really nice house and it’s a chance to get my independence back. Plus I wouldn’t need to drive/fix my car and could be saving for a new one while living there. But as soon as the three months are up we would both have to find a place to live. Which may take some time and will cost more money. Plus we aren’t sure how long our job will last.

I took Thursday and Friday off from working on my project but now I have way more work than I think I can do. This is a practice for me because now I have to manage how much time and effort I put in to each task. I have Monday off work for President’s day so maybe I can make up some work then. I’m happy with what I have accomplished so far with this project and hope I keep it up. It’s looking like I will try and do my senior project with the same group because we all know each other now and we might be able to get an early start since our project isn’t until the session after next (like 10 weeks).

I’m too busy to be depressed. But I have also noticed that I am happier in many situation that I used to be depressed in. In other words, I’m doing good. I do have some concerns though. I increasingly get more and more tired throughout the week and being tired makes it harder to focus and harder to be happy. Hopefully I will be getting more sleep after this project. And finally I’m still concerned about not having any time to go to counseling/psychiatrists. I need a refill on my anti-depressant fast. I don’t want to go too long without it. Hopefully I can figure something out this Monday since I have it off.

One last thing…

Valentine’s Day:
I was hoping to get a date for tonight but at the same time I wasn’t really trying. Especially when my car broke I pretty much knew I was out of luck. In fact it doesn’t look like dating is an option at all without a car and with my hectic schedule. That’s fine for now but I am getting lonely again and hope some opportunities do arise soon.

That is all. Time to get back to my school project.

Peace & Love.


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