I was on my way to work and listening to the radio (something I NEVER do).  I absolutely despite the radio.  Same old washed out songs being passed off as rock.  I can't stand it.  I get a small surge of joy when they announce Metallica coming on, and then come back down to depression because it's either "Enter Sandman" or "Fuel" or something like that. 

 Back to the subject at hand.  My heart is absolutely crushed.  When you tell someone you're in love with them, that typically means that you always love being around them and miss them when they're gone, right?  Yeah… I thought so, too.  Brittini hasn't contacted me in a week.  I still write to her every single day, just like I promised I would.  I can't help but think that she has found someone else.  First, she wanted to slow things down.  Then, she started going out a lot more.  Now, we're not even talking.  Did she break up with me and forget to tell me?  Is there a reason she doesn't tell me she loves me anymore? 

Then, I turned on the radio.  It was as if I had gotten a message from her.  Ironically, my favorite 3 Doors Down song.  I was sitting there, asking myself "What the hell is going on?  What am I not getting?" 

Then the song played.. "You love me but you don't know who I am…. just let me go"

"I miss you", "I love you".. that would be nice to hear right now.  Hell… even "I'm leaving you" would bring some kind of peace of mind.  At least I wouldn't be wondering anymore…

It's truly amazing.  Girls always complain about guys not appreciating them.  Then, when a guy who treats her like a queen comes along, they just call him weird and, in all probability, cheat on him and dump him.

How can she say she wants to be married to me?  If she doesn't want to talk to me not even 5 days out of the week, then how in the fuck is she supposed to live with me 365 days per year??

Is this what I quit drinking for?

Is this why I'm drug free?

Is it worth it?

  1. emmielou 15 years ago

    Who knows why women are so difficult. Imagine how much worse it would be if the drink and drugs were still there, maybe you would be high as a kite for a few hours but the all impending doom that you would feel after is going to be worse than what you feel now!

    Life sucks but it must get better or else what the hell is the point in it all? Don't know if that helps but I hope you get something from it, if not just delete and read the next persons comment!! 


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  2. cham3leon252 15 years ago

    I know man…I know the feeling women can get difficult…..and nobody knows why….ask the lady that posted before me…she just said it….and they say it might be the magazines that they read or the soap operas that they watch….its like they say oooohhhh iimmm looking for mr. right then once they get him they cant handle him….yet some jerk three apartments away is treating his girl like shit….and she cries and bickers but am i confused….she seems to be enjoying every minute of it….go figure….I think only God knows why they act like that…because they themselves do not know…

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  3. shur1 15 years ago

     When love becomes a oneway street it becomes useless for the one who waits alone until one day we finally wake up and find the courage to see the truth for what it is and only then will the truth finally set you free…….

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