So, I'm trying to start a daily blog/journal for before, during and after my trip to which will hopefully eventually hit the east coast and back again before Christmas. Did you know that spellchecker says you spelled christmas wrong if you don't capitalize it? Oh, sorry I got off track. To do this I'm just writing down what I did the days I do them. I'm not sure if I'll be able to update at all on the road, but I might be able to stop into a library now and again and update my travel details and possibly add some pictures along the way with places I've been and people that I have hopefully met.

Today then, well… today I did pretty much nothing. I got to sleep around 4am or so watching the last of season 1 of The Office(US version). Woke up around 3ish, got up and surfed the web for an hour or two, tried to play a few games but I really haven't been feeling like that much lately so I gave up on that venture.

After all that super duper fun I decided to work on one of the 6 books I've been trying to get through, this one being Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb. It started out very slow but it's been working up to finally start holding my interest. I'm the slowest reader in the world though, so I read only a chapter or two. Watched the movie Chalk then Hopped back on the internet for a while, checking mails and stuff, not that I really ever get mails.

So, that filled up the bulk of my day and I went back to catching up on The Office, hit season 2 and I got through 5 or 6 of the episodes and that gets me about to right here on the page, where I'm just typing to type because it feels good to be doing something.

That's all.


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