Are all mangers cock sucking assholes?Do they take classes

on how to fuck over employees or something.3 out of the last

4 jobs iv had have been dicked over.The 3rd time happened last

Friday it was a real fucked up thing.I work really shitty hours

4am till 9am and its really messed up my sleeping or lack

there of.Now its not the work i mean hell its a short swift and it

were earlier it be sweet work.So anyways back to how i was

fucked over.4 months ago i ask for my hours to be changed

and the cock sucker tells me OK I can make it happen but you

have to wait till jan.So at first IM thinking OK fuck that I'll just

look for another job.But then i figured what the hell I'll just

wait it out. After months of the shittiest sleeping iv ever had i

was in what i was told would be my last week every day getting

more exited to get the fuck of that shift .Then the finally had

come Friday the 19th what i had been told was going to be my

last day working that shift.For months i was looking forward to

that day it was like Christmas all over again i had waited

months for one day to come. As I'm about to leave and still

thinking that it was over and that i had been switched my bald

cock sucking boss walks over to me.I'm thinking he's gonna

give me the final details about my new shift.But it was the

complete oppiste.After him telling me for months that

everything was OK he tells me that because i haven't worked

there for a yr yet i couldn't get switched.Now maybe IM

expected to much out of a manger but shouldn't that be the

first thing you look in too make sure that i can even be moved

and be told well you haven't been here a yr yet so you cant be

moved.Not from day one after i had asked telling me o yea iv

talked with the guy on that shift he wants to meet you blah

blah i never met the guy.Then another guy was supposed to

talk to me never happened.Now IM fucked basically do

swallow my pride and keep my mouth shut or do i tell him how

i feel and file a complaint on the terrible manager.I was lied to

for months that what really pisses me off if i couldn't be

moved i should have been told when i had first asked not on

what was supposed to be my last day.

Anyways this is pretty much the worst blog ever LOL maybe I'll give a try to do a real one sometime.



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