I’m writing this because I’m confused and I’m hoping someone on the Tribe can help. 

I met with a new Psychiatrist on Monday and he suggested that I try anger management sessions.  Yes I have trouble controlling my anger at times but I also find myself reliving past events that scare or "freak" me out, which lead me to a PTSD site.  So I decided to take a self assessment test and the first question was; In your life, have you ever had any experience that was so frightening, horrible, or upsetting that you Have had nightmares about it or thought about it when you did not want to?  And I couldn’t answer it because I don’t remember.  I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I've blocked something in the past that was traumatizing to me.  Is this possible and would it be considered PTSD if I've blocked it?

I sometimes get flashes of things that I believe happened but I can’t be sure.  And sometimes I get flashes I KNOW happened but I don’t want to remember them.  How can I find out if these things actually happened???? 

I know that I need to discuss this with my therapist but that will involve her asking more questions that I don’t know if I can answer. 


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  1. Tara 13 years ago

    Well basically you dont know if you can answer them untill you have been asked and im sure if you are unable to answer, your therapist can go into it more so you can both find an answer, I've had to do that, it was pretty difficult but we got there and yes with PTSD it is possible to block past events in order to safe guard yourself from itm which is fine to keep your sanity sometimes, but at a certain point in your life it is best to deal with it.

    Um about finding out if certain things have happened or not im n ot too sure but I have heard that hypnosis has worked for some, im not sure on how it is done though, but talk to your therapist and just let em know that you are having flash backs that you are unsure about. They are trained to help, so you will get something out of it 🙂

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