I joined this site a few months ago. I have been dealing with anxiety for almost 10 years. I have tried lots of meds and most recently tried Effexor after being on Celexa for quite some time. I felt the Celexa had stopped working. The Effexor was good for the first month, then really bad. I started to have anxiety like I hadn\'t had in a while and alot of symptoms I could only attribute to the Effexor. My dr. and I made a decision to have me stop the Effexor and I have been 24 days completely off this drug. I did a taper but I am really suffering. I have been given Alpralozam to take when needed but I had taken it a few times and it makes me feel weird. I have what I can only describe as heartburn and I am on nexium. I take omega 3, Vitamin Bcomplex, vitamin D, a multi vitamin, calcium and occasionally tums. I am overweight but have been back on an exercise plan for the past two weeks. I also have swelling ankles. I am so anxious right now. I have pulled out all my old anxiety books and tapes and been visiting web sites and I still can\'t get comfortable. I wish I knew if this was just discontinuation, withdrawal or maybe I really need to be on drugs. I can see myself going down the road to depression if this doesn\'t let up soon. My husband says I have made it this far off the drugs I should keep going but he also says he doesn\'t know how to help me. I am not quite 40, but feel so old. I am scared of dying, I feel I am a hypochondraic at times and am almost always worried about my health. I don\'t feel like I am enjoying anything I am just maintaining and waiting for something bad to happen. Boy I am a downer these days. I have muscle aches and pains and chest discomfort constantly. I am not sure if this is what this blog is for but I needed to express this somewhere. I know there are worse cases out there than me but right this instance I feel so alone.

  1. rebecca_12 12 years ago

    Dont worry everything will turn out FINE. i am hypochondaic too, well at least i am always thinking im sick. my medicine isnt working either ik how u feel i have a dr appt tommarow to figure out whats going on and ik eventually i will be better. you will too. i am having big troubles going to school i feel alone and distant. you prob too. but the thing is we arnt alone at all we have over 10,000 people on this site to help us. we have family and friends we have alot of people! so cheer up we are always here for you 🙂

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  2. Katymyster24 12 years ago

    I can very much understand what you\'re doing through. Everything that you\'ve explained, I have dealt with. I was on celexa for quite some time, but then it somehow back fired. My doctor then prescribed me Effexor. That was horrible. It didn\'t work for me at all! I had major side effects, not sure if it was withdrawls or side effects but it was utter hell.

    I have dealt with panic and anxiety disorder all my life. I hope to one day be done with it all, but I know I have a long ways to go. If you ever need to talk, I am very much here! It\'s nice to know that someone goes through the same issues as I. I am always scared of dying. Always worried about my health. The hardest thing to deal with is when depression kicks in. It feels like no matter how much I try to struggle out of it, I get deeper and deeper into the abyss of the hole.

    I have read nearly everything there is to know about trying to treat anxiety and depression, there\'s a lot of stuff out there, but sometimes it seems nothing helps. The one thing that I know is comforting is talking to people that understand what we go through. I hope this helps you a little bit. :o)

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