Life Story

Hey I’m Elizabeth L. Toquinto, But People Just Call Me Lizzie.

I’m 14 Years Old, 15 In December.

I’m A Writer But That’s Not Really What I Want To Be When Im Older So Imma Tell You About My Life While Struggling With Anxiety And LGBTQ+ Problems.

I Was Born In Jefferson Parish Louisiana Left When I Was Born Because Of Katrina, Grew Up A Bit In Houston Texas Then From 3rd To Half Of 7th Katy Texas, Now In Deforest Wisconsin In 8th Grade

                        My Mom Left When I Was 9 So In Third Grade I Grew Up With Only A Dad.                                 My Dad Used To Always Leave But Now That I Have A New Baby Sister He Stays A Little Longer.

I Decided I Was Bi In 6th Grade. But I Was Outed In 7th Grade. But Now I’m In 8th Grade And Decided I’m Pan, I’m Pan Because I Will Fall In Love With Someone No Matter Their Sexuality Nor Gender.

The ANXIETY Happened In 6th Grade When My Bestfriend (Grandpa) Died Of Cancer. Which Is One Of The Reasons I Secretly Hate Thanksgiving, I Hate Thanksgiving Because It was on That Thanksgiving In 2019 We Went To The Hospital Thinking He Just Had A Stupid Cold. Ends Up Being Stage 4 Lung Cancer. When I Tell You I Ran Out Of That Room So Fast And Could Not Stop Crying, Soon Enough I Came Back In Trying To Hold In The Tears. He Died A Few Months later That Year.

My LGBTQ+ Problems Happened Right After I Was Outed. The Way I Was Outed Was So Stupid But Yet Such A Huge Impact. It All Started When My Dad Took My Phone To Check It But Like An Idiot I Left One Of My Find Friends App Out In The Open So He Obviously Saw It And Read The Bio I Wrote. After That He Yelled At Me Then Hugged Me, All I Wanted Him To Do Is Say Ok Because I Don’t Want Anyone To Pity Me. My Step Mom And Her Family Supports Me, My Dad Sorta Does. My Brother Doesn’t Neither Does My Bio Mom.

                                                                  (Picture Was From Years Ago)


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