i'm obsessed with ommunication. i will add you because you interest me and if i interest you add me.

i'm like an internet slut, lol, i'll friend almost anyone and i do write back.

i listed myself as bi for sort of political reasons.  I love my husband very much and i'[m mainly straight. however i think it;s important to speak up if you're bi/gay/lesbian to let others know they will be accpeted and are not alone.  suicide rates among LBGTQ are outrageous, a crying shame I rail against. Thus I'm not interested in dating at all but list myself as bi. Almost everywhere.

However if a man or woman wants to stay in the closet it's his or her perogative.  In a perfect world we wouldn't have to beg acceotance of who or how we love but…still, it's not everyone'es business what you do in the bedroom either.

My husband is in a home (I won't say what kind) I'm happy he's there and it's where he probably needs to be instead of rehab or prison. I'm really very upset and lonely because he got into trouble and cannot call me.  I feel a bit weirded out that I sent him a bunch of my poetry and he won't read it for reading his A/A and N/A books.

his recovery is more important or he will wind up dead or in prison.

But still.


another things thats weirded me out is a couple of people said weird pissy stuff to me at meetings. I think the matters have been resolved but STILL, why bring drama when we are all trying to get better? let it suffice to say i won't get into detail, but one of the people was a male who witnessed me in my old life and crudely hit on me after a meeting. i was livid, i never wanted him for even a minute. he's so nasty and ugly!  another was a woman who may have been a part of my man's life a long time ago.  It;s been over five years, why would anyone care if he Married ME? that's…sick.

my man says we're all sick so it should be a bit easy to forgive people who give us flack during recovery.

I put it like this, "forgive them father for they know not what they do"

write me if you like, I'm trying to make as many friends as I can in these sort of networks.

lately, I'm pissed and feel a bit useless.

with Universal Love,



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