I've always envied Mr. Thoreau and his life in Walden. There are times when I crave silence, and solitude, and I can't think of a better place to do that than a cabin in the woods. I had a piece of solitude today by telling dad I was taking the day off, and he was cool about it. He knows that I know what I am doing when it comes to school, and today I wasn't going to miss anything by not going anyways. Slept in, took an afternoon shower, watched some television, dreading until my grandma was going to get home and disrupt the peace. She got home from work, with my aunt dropping her off and they kept talking about whatever. Say that I am quiet, and I say I'm just tired, and they call me a crank.After being called cranky, I become cranky, naturally. I make dinner, and then escape to my room, which is where I am now. Teen angst? Maybeee. But who doesn't respect a little R&R now and then, and not be disturbed. Idk.

Kinda feeling sad though, for unknown reasons. I think it might be because I was reading a sappy book that aides my boredom. Maybe it was caused from remembering this time I got wasted in the summer, when I was away from home working in a tourist trap with these foreign work-program peeps. We lived in this tiny sh*thole, aside from the hotel we worked as housekeepers for….and they were all above 21, and we partied everynight…but anyways! Moral of the story, one evening my one roomate named Patrycja from Poland helped me to bed, and tucked me in all motherly-like. The memory came out of nowhere, and it's pretty blurry, but it kinda bummed me out.

IDK. i'm not "sad-sad" but that's the only emotion option that fits best. Feeling better eating chocolate and listening to kickin' music 🙂


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