One of my closest friends came over last night and we were just sitting around doing the usual banter. And I\'d just got out of the bath before she came so my hair was wet and I had no make up on or anything. And I jokingly said "I\'m proper having a zit party on my face at the moment" because there\'s a few red blobs in dodgy places on my face, like on the bridge of my nose. And I should of known what would happen next because she gets ridiculously down about her tiny area on her face that gets spotty – about 1 inch squared of her chin. And once she mentions it she gets all moody and down about it – even though I couldn\'t see a thing last night because she\'d got make up over it. So she goes on about these tiny little scars that she supposedly has on her chin, saying how ugly it is. And I can\'t say ANYTHING to make her feel better, like "but you\'ve got gorgeous skin on the rest of your face" because seriously, her cheeks and forehead etc are FLAWLESSLY smooth. 

I just feel like screaming at her "well at least you\'ve only got a tiny couple of scars that no one can even see when you use a little make up, rather than a massive red line down your front, in between your boobs, that will NEVER go."

Like what the FUCK. Why the hell is she complaining about her practically non-existent tiny scars on her face, that I\'ve never even seen, and that are completely normal, when her best friend is sitting there with an open heart surgery scar. When I\'m naked it is a huge, chunky line right down my sternum. Plus my stomach drain scars. Plus my drip line scars on my upper chest. If Harry pushes my hair aside to kiss my neck there\'s fucking drip line scars there too. I\'ve got a biopsy scar on my leg that\'s tiny but definitely looks pretty weird and quite ugly if you ask me. On my wedding day I\'ll have a big scar to go with my wedding dress. I no longer have a smooth, clear chest that consists only of cleavage. When I do ballet it\'s right there poking up from the top of my leotard. If I want to wear my usual clothes, I get stares all day. 

So I\'m just wondering how she is so comfortable complaining about her perfectly normal microscopic scars in front of someone who is sitting there covered in various, quite prominent scars from head to foot. Can you imagine  if I\'d had heart surgery and had HER confidence? I\'d probably have committed suicide by now.  


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