Hello. If you really need to escape the world, just for a little while, I would like to suggest reading.

Nerdy right? But just wait.

You’d be shocked how much a good book can distract you. It sucks you in so deep you forget the real world is even there.

Not to mention it’s good for you.

If you don’t believe me, go to your nearest library and find a book that you think you would like if it were a movie, and give it a go.

Escape and forget.


  1. micl 1 year ago

    Reading can be a great escape. Our library was totally closed for 3 months, which was hard on a lot of us. Now it’s open for pre-ordered books only which we pick up outside the door. I recommend The Dishwasher, by Stephane Larue, set in Montreal, or Le plongeur if you read French.

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  2. avoiceinthewoods 1 year ago

    defiantly a great idea…and there are also the great things like audible for audio books ( i am Visually impaired and cant read print). and spotify has tons of free podcasts ..there is a huge variety of media available. for me i put on a good pair of headphones and just Lose myself in some Piece of music

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