I hope that you feel content, loved and are safe.

Evenings tend to be challenging for me.

Maybe you feel the same way about evenings.

My mind in the evenings drifts to situations that weren’t fixable that I tried fixed, people who had potential who didn’t want to be helped, toxic people who hurt people on purpose with cruel intent, etc.

I feel like I am not living the right life yet some factors of my life added up to what it is now correctly.  Life isn’t supposed to be perfect and everyone has challenges/ “life is always greener”…. Of course…

True, I am married, have two dogs that follow me around wherever I go, and have a home.  I am grateful for the good things about my life.

I just feel so lonely and isolated here where we live now.  I really don’t like it here.  The only time I leave the house is to leave this town and go to civilization.

What do I miss? I miss our former home located where I am from.  I miss the smooth and beautiful wood floors, the sky light, my walk in closet, the beautiful stairs, the windows, and the memories in that house.  I miss the hills in that area, the pretty grass, the large variety of stores, being close to civilization.   Let’s face it, I miss living in civilization instead of the country.

I am burned out taking care of the gardening seedlings indoors and suspect I started my garden from seeds too soon.  The potato plants are thriving and are ready to be planted in buckets.

The corn is struggling.  (Yes, growing corn indoors from seed is something that I did.) The corn stalks are struggling though due even with the plant light bubs yet the weather isn’t ready to be moved out.  I may be able to save half the corn stalk starts but the weather going from snow to Spring / repeat isn’t allowing me to move them outside.

The wild flower seedlings are struggling indoors.  The plan was to start them indoors and transplant them in May.  The stems are looking white, clear and leggy though.  Maybe some will come up closet to May and will be healthy.

The pepper seedlings, and other flower seedlings are looking good.  They all need to be transferred to containers and need more dirt.

Tonight, I hung up an inspirational  beach quote art item in “she” room.  It looks nice.  I have the fountain going in here.  The light strands along the ceiling are plugged in and earlier I was listening to beach sounds on the sound machine.   Two strawberry candles are burning in the room.

Earlier, today, we went to civilization and one of the things I did was go to a favorite thrift store.  My finds? I found four dresses.  One is yellow, white and gray with flowers on it.  One of blue with the red in it.  One is many shades of blue and is longer.  The other is many shades of blue and is shorter in length.

I like dresses a lot.  They are comfortable and pretty.

Also, I have 3 new house plants.  They are small/ medium in size and fit perfectly on the plant shelf in “she” room” in the space that was available.  The one that is yellow, and red and green is my favorite of the new plants.

My husband is stepping up and giving our youngest adult son deadlines and boundaries on what he has to do.

My adult daughter is going through something that only time will reveal how it turns out.  Hours are being cut down at work and either people will quit or not.  If people don’t start leaving, people will end up getting laid off or they will close their entire department as a possibility.

Thanks for reading.

I appreciate you.

You helped.  I feel less lonely now.

Look it is morning now! Have a wonderful, safe, healthy and amazing day!





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