my life is s$@t.   where do i start? i just feel like everything is getting ontop of me again lately.  im realy fed up of how my life is at the moment, i dnt have any friends i dnt go out at all + dnt have any social life wat-so-ever.   i have a so-called boyfriend that seems 2 not want 2 spend any time with me + our children. he goes out most nites drinking with his friends but never takes me anywer, just expects me 2 stay over his house wen he wants just 2 hav sex, + thats only about once a fortnite. + then he has the nerve 2 accuse me of cheating on him wen i dnt want 2 stay over his just 2 be used by him. he doesnt trust me at all but seems 2 4get that my life consists of bringing up our children by myself taking them 2 school + occasionaly going shopping (with the children). but he recently bought me the laptop im using at the moment so i feel obligated 2 stay with him.

                        my son is getting bullied in school, he’s only 4 1/2 + the school doesnt seem 2 be doing anything 2 stop it. its realy awful having 2 send him in 2 school knowing that he’s going 2 get punched by a boy twice his size, poor thing.

                       got a strss mangement course 2 go on next week, its sounds like it will be realy helpful + i would like 2 go but its in a comunity hall 1 street away from my house + im worried that people from my area will be there + that they will gossip about me 2 people i see on a regular basis.

                              well iv got that off my chest, thanks 4 reading. would love some comments back!       

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  1. diddypinks 14 years ago

    why dont you take your son to a martial arts club where he can learn to defend himself theyve got tiddlers there too. personally i dont think you should feel obligeted to be with anyone if you want out get out good luck diddy

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