9:30AM in the morning. Just woke up after a night out with friends from KL. It has been a while I have been out that late and getting drunk. I know I should have not. I just got to know someone from KL. Another poz guy, we have been on the phone for almost 3 weeks now. And last night was the first time we met. Together with his other friends.

While on the phone for that past 3 weeks, it has been feeling good. Just like I have found another person that I connect to. And both are kinda feeling excited about it. We only know how each other looks like on the photo but not in real person. When I met him yesterday, it has been just like another dream that I would have the opportunity to know someone again.

But I don't have the confidence in myself. I guess I always have the conception that people from KL has higher expectation for another guy. I am not too sure whether I am his guy or not. While on the way home, my type got flat, and I did call him. He came along and helped me out. Then on the way, sending him home, we did talk, and he kissed me on my lips and we did hold hand for a while.

My mind now is still thinking of him. But deep down in my heart, I am kind of worried why I should ended up in this situation where I used to worry about all these things. I thought I should have been single and living a life with only friends and just no other worries in my mind. Just wanna live a sober life free with all these things lingering in my mind.

I know that if I don't give a chance to this may be it will not happen again but all these is really troubling my mind. Be strong david, be a strong person with strength to overcome this issue. Never to falter again in any circumstances in life whether it is relationship, health or any other issues.

  1. gregPriv 11 years ago

    Thanks someone. I guess I am much more weaker when it comes to relationship but I need to keep on reminding me on that.

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  2. gregPriv 11 years ago

    That's true was23. Just have to have optimistic thought. That's why I need a strength in my mind. Whatever it is, whether it is just friend or lover, need to be in firm mindset.

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  3. gregPriv 11 years ago

    Well I guess I will leave it to the strength of the universe to decide my fate with him. By the way he is about 4 hours drive from where i live. Anyway not that far but let's see how it flow to. I trust that if things get well things will just fall into place just perfectly for me to cherish this relationship with him. Anyway, he is just a nice guy, I don't want to exude any pressure to this. Friendship is more than enough thinking that in our situation, that's the most important things to look for rather than enemies that hurt each other right. 🙂

    Thanks Was23. Really love you for all the support.

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