Let me give you a little bit of my backround before I start this blog; My fathers side of my family was involved with the United States Military since around the time it started in the early 1700s (Back then they had a different name for it.) So in turn I was dragged into it and it engulfed me like a gulf engulfs water(?). Which is generally why I take a lot of things seriously when you may be joking. Anyway I'm off topic here.

So the military…right? The American one, has this new Drone, not a drone from starwars, not the one that shoots cruise misiles either. A drone to carry our men and women in arms to battle. They call it "The future technology" with a big banner that says "ARMY STRONG!" I have a couple of problems with this concept, if I may.

1. They came up with the one that kills people before the one that carries people, so it feels like we are kindof discovering things backward. For example, We invented the plane to carry people, not to kill people. That came later. We invented the car to carry people, not to kill people. The tank quickly followed. Now the drones, it seems like we have it Bass Aackwards.

2.This is not future technology, future technology is technology that we CAN'T have. We never will, we can only have PRESENT technology, and as time goes on it gets more advanced, this is just a cheesy way of getting people who play video games to join the airforce, navy, what have you…Just because they MIGHT control a drone with a little remote. Do you know how many drones we have? Not many, not anything compared to our tanks, helicopters, jets, or even firearms. They cost a lot more than an m16, so the army tends to send teenagers with m16s rather than a predator drone.

3. Also, this drone I'm talking about is a helicopter similar to a helicopter you've probably seen if you've watched a modern war movie or played a video game within the lastfour years. It's generally reffered to as a "Little Birdie" for its size. Generally this helicopter can carry up to 6-8 people including a pilot, or two. So intsead of pilots you have a giant computer in the cockpit, and a bunch of soldiers hanging off the sides.

What happens when an unguided missile starts to sail straight towards this little drone? Nothing! Absoloutley nothing at all. There isn't any technology yet to detect an RPGS missile comming at you. (NOW that's future technology). So what if this does happen, say? 500 ft in the air? Everyone will die most definitely since 150 ft is much too low to open a parachute, and the blast from the rocket would probably destroy the entire craft ANYWAY.

Fancy? Yes!

Expensive? YES!

Practical? NO!


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