What is resistance? it’s the feeling of not wanting to do something you know is good for you. Resistance stands between you and happiness. Most of us think we are relatively happy but we know that we could probably be happier.

No one can satisfy our immense desire for happiness but ourselves. We often believe that people or certain things will fill our empty ness but sooner or later we will realize that only God can fill that hole and you will only find truth and happiness you are looking for in God. By placing God at the center of everything we can make sense of life and when we place something else or someone else at the center of our lives, we set ourselves up for dissatisfaction.

all of us, humans feel like a part of us is missing from time to time and most people push it away because there scared of what it might lead to but the light inside of us doesn’t come out until we encounter some rough patches and then the light patches up the darkness, but it does take time. our dissatisfaction is trying to lead us to something better. if you sense that something is missing in your life don’t ignore it and start paying attention to it because God is trying to tell you something. Don’t pretend to be happy when your not, its normal to not be happy sometimes, don’t hide it because people can help you, but only if you let them.


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