This is won of the most difficult times of my body's life span anyway. I am truly being tortured. I don't have the energy to run anymore. I've been avoiding this evil individual for it seems ever.

I guess there might be a few of you who remember I used to have a benign brain tumor. Well supposed it was gone, but my memory, my balance, my vision, my hearing starting getting really bad. I finally had no choice but to walk away from my job. Which I had stepped down to an entry level job thinking well surely I can handle this. But I couldn't, I got lost on the way home, lost in my own closet. I woke up 2 times and had no idea where I was. Not even the country; I laid there determinded that I was not getting up until I figured it out.

Well as my luck would have it; it's back with a vengeance, but the fool in my house is truly torturing me. I have been asleep for about 2 days trying to keep my distance. I even looked up was abusing mentally disabled people do just to make sure I wasn't just taking it too personal. Some people are so cruel. I walked out of that hospital hysterical. This was gone! I was expecting bad news, but not this.

And you would think that I was the healthist person on the planet. I'm in hell! When I'm awake, I come here trying to find a mental escape for my mind. I have horrid dreams, and my psychiatrist says they sound like I feel I'm in a hostile relationship. And she's right! I don't know what to say anymore, or I would say it. Brain surgery with a caretaker like this is out of the question. No wonder I have trust issues.

I guess this ends my rant! I don't have the energy to say anything else…






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