Okay, so I am not in the best mood. I was happy at first, and was sort of excited cause I thought I was going to go to Walmart today, but no. My mom got home, and that is when my bad mood started. First, my shower was itterupted by people barging in to go to the bathroom. Then, my mom said I couldn't walk to Walmart, she was taking me, and I could only go if Bob could give me a ride. So then, I asked Bob, who told me no. My mood then went down the shitter further. Then, I was sitting in the living room talking to my mom, then my stupid dog, Chevy, ran, jumped on me, scratched up my leg to the point of bleeding, then jumped off me, and continued to play. All in a matter of; Eh, 3 seconds. So now, I'm pissed. I grab Chevy by the collar, pick her up, and look into her eyes. I'm not choking her, but I have her slightly scared. Then I tell her "No! You are a bad dog!" then ask I go to smack her ass lightly, she bites my arm hard, scratching it with her teeth to where it is almost bleeding. So now! I'm even more pissed! So then, I just let it go, and walk up to my room.

Now that the story is told, I must explain myself. First of all, do not take the story wrong; I .love. animals. I do not abuse my dogs. And I mean it when I didn't hurt her, and all I was going to do was lightly hit her butt. The punishment for our animals, both cats and dogs, is the water bottle. I never hit my dogs. Ever. I was just in a bad mood, she was a bad dog, and it happened at a bad time.

So, thanks for listening to me rant.



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