Jesus… The 21st marked 3 years…its been three years since ive seen your face and heard your laugh… Three… I cant get that out of my head… You were so good to the world… Why did it have to tear you apart…. 3 years ago was the worst day of my life and i relive that when i go to sleep… 3 years of pain so far and a lifetime left to go… I just i cant believe it. It didnt feel real for so lony and i dont want it to be real i really dont. I wish you could have been ok… You wouldnt even text me back that day… Not a single text… I tried three times but i just thought you were sick so you were sleeping i didnt know you were setting up your rope and chair…. Im sorry for everything i am…. Your mom says she found all the broken belte you had tried with before i should have payed more attention to the rope burns on your neck… I just didnt know what they were….im sorry im stupid… And all the statuses i didnt think twice about im sorry im so blind just come back ill try harder…i promise…I’ve always been pathetic and dumb i wasn’t ignoring your pain i tried to help when i knew you needed it remember all the times i brought you to the hallway just to get you to laugh or even smile no matter how many times it got me in trouble…what about when we had a little argument and after we resolved it in the little room by the office we acted like we still needed to work it out just to hang out longer…remember?let’s do that again…. Just come back and well do it again…. Please ill pull up the videos please……

  1. delane1 4 years ago

    i feel ya, Destiny.

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