Oh F**k…..

The world started spinning.In a swoosh I flew off.Thudd..I hit something hard..blackout/..

The world started slowly drifting back into focus.A young damsel was looking at me.She doesnt seem happy,neither sad.I can see her frightened.a look of aghast on her face.

"Are you alright?".her voice trembling.
I stood up.
"No major injuries.No fractures.no bleeding from nose or ear.my name is james.I know you.thanks for asking.I am fine."
"you sure?.I think you should come to the emergency."
"What for?"
A sharp pain was searing across the back of my head.I put my hand there only to realise I was bleeding profusely from a head injury..
"She looks a bit bright..does she..lol..It must be the bong.."I thought.
There's a bright dazzle and……

I can hear the familiar sound of heart monitor beeping.A friend sat close to my bed in the hospital.asleep.I tried moving my head but felt a sharp stabbing pain and stopped immediately.there were sutures at the back of my head. I lay there half awake thinking what happened actually .bits by bits it started coming to me..

I was riding a Honda CB250R on the highway.No..I was trying to outrun the cops.Thats right.trying to flee from the police.But why?

K.I remember sitting in the hostel latrine.doors closed.lights off.Fear shimmering down my spine.They were coming.I can hear them..Indistinct voices.Yet I can makeout what they were saying.Something about a warrant.A warrant!!!!They were searching for me.They wants to destroy my carrier.I'm sure.I just need to stay low until they walk pass..The voices started growing louder nd louder until I can hear them outside my door.I know its the end.I'm caught.My hearts thumping.But I am not going to give in that easily.I quickly looked around.Theres a window above,my bike key is still in my pocket..Gosh if I could only get out..
Next thing I know I am riding fast.Cold air impinging on my face..But too late..I can hear them coming.They were speaking so loud.as if thru a loudspeaker..straight thru my head..I released the throttle.. oh F****..Thats a sandbank in front of me..

I lay quiet,trying not to focus on the pain.my mouths dry..feel like puking..
Of all the meds I experimented this is the worst..Benzos helped me a lot.I thought some bong would help too.Boy I was soo wrong.I shouldnt have taken it..Different people have different experiences.Some say cannabis can be used to treat ocd.maybe..just not me.

Somedays later I was researching on the effects of cannabis on various personalitiy types.esp those associated with ocd.. It not only accentuated my subconscious fear but threw me off into a dangerous halucinatory haze where I lost touch with reality.

P.S. thats the last day I took a puff..


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