wow i havent been on here for a long awhile so updates on me last year january 17 2018  my life turn upside down for myself and my family my cousin had been living with us for little over of 5 years close to 6 years we see eachother everyday of course cause he lived with is we hungout most of the time everyday he come in the door i said lets go outside i said okay it was fun when we hungout we always made eachother laugh all the time me and my cousin we always hade good fun me and him and sometimes we get frustrated with eachother but thats how we were until 2 weeks before jan 17 2018 he didnt want to see me or my mom i always help him when he will get paranoid or looked the window or try to get him to calm him down he ptsd from getting shot the first time i was a wreck when i found out he was shot then he got better then a year later i had went to the hospital to get some surgery done i would constantly call my mom and said where is my cousin finally he talked to me he got shot the second time i was like omg then years past by  on january 17 2018 he told my mom he was going to use to computer but he still didnt want to see me or my mom i knew he felt bad about seeing us i always tried to call him but he wont come in so we got the call jan 17 2018 5 pm said my cousin got shot i was like WHAT he just left here the house the whole family was waiting too see if he was in the hospital no he wasnt he was in his car he passed away from a gunshot wound i was crying so loud and at his funeral i was crying all day seeing him in his casket then i felt a bit ok i wanted everything to be good then when the following month came along feb 9 2018 i got a call real early from my sister she said they found my dad passed he was found a week later oh man i ran to my bed crying so hard i couldnt believe it sorry for being so dramatic it was like this everyother day my sister will call we both cried on the phone she was pregnant at the time from all this experince we had my sister gave birth april 19 2018 my little nephew WYATT it brought everyone together 🙂



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