Hey so I was looking for a forum type of website so I could specifically write under one section but this is the best I found. The website is very nice and has a warm welcoming feel to it and made me feel very special haha. Anywho I just wanted to ask about some stuff i’ve been dealing with. I often become sad for no reason throughout the day, people can tell when it happens to me so I guess it’s a lot haha. I don’t think I have like depression because I don’t stay inside them for weeks upon weeks It just happens every so often some of the times only last about 45minutes and others like 4hours they usually break without me even noticing or changing the situation/scene i’m in and by that I mean like going into another room. The thing that is weird to me about this is that I have no reason to be sad, I am healthy have loving parents very good friends and I am usually a very happy person, but whenever I feel sad i really feel it often blaming me for being how i am, I get the usual harmful thoughts but I never do it because I don’t want to make anyone worry about me. Can someone tell me why I get these sadness “episodes”? If not it’s okay haha we all live on

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    myname-187 2 years ago

    i found the forums haha

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  2. piscesbs 2 years ago

    It’s natural. Human bodies are weird. Enough said.

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