After 10 years of depression and anxiety, I took a trip back to Thailand where I had been 30 years ago with my then partner.

This time I went with my brother .  We spent some time in Bangkok, flew up to Chang Mai for a week, then a week in Cambodia, then to Phuket in southern Thailand.  Since I’ve been back I’ve been feeling less depressed .  I am already trying to decide where to go this winter.

I’m thinking somewhere where I can snorkel.  I discovered it in Hawaii not long ago and once I go in the water I never want to come out.  Life is so much better under water.  But, of course, price is an issue.  Asia is cheap to travel.  I would love to go to the Caribbean or the Galapagos.   We’ll see but I know that travelling for 6 weeks helped my mental health a great deal.

These days I walk my dog at a different beach every morning.  She is great off leash and loves to run and go in the water.  This morning we came across a sea otter as big a she is.  The sea otter ran into the ocean with Maggie (my dog) very interested in her.  Every day is still a challenge but I’ve learned a new technique with dealing with triggers.  I face the trigger , breathe it in and breathe out relief from that trigger for me and for all those who suffer from that same trigger or feeling be it guilt, feeling like I wasn’t perfect, on and on.  it’s helping.

I did it.  I did break up with my boyfriend and have stayed that way.  He was great but just not who I want to be with.  I am proud of myself for not sinking into just watching tv day and night since.  I am actually doing stuff, I went sailing with another brother of mine for a week and socializing a bit and of course the long beach walks.


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