I will not hear anyone tell me anymore about their ignorance. I will not listen to it. I will not take a moments worth of discrimination or a moments of worth of selfishness. I will not hear that. I will not tolerate a Muslim woman looked down upon, or a black woman stereotyped. I will not tolerate the disabled thought as disadvantaged, or the diseased as dirty. I will not look for beauty when i know it exudes from people within. I will not turn away from a child who needed love, needed guidance when those responsible couldn't. I will not stand up for pedophiles, or racists. I will not stand for those who believe that enforcing inequality is a human right, because it is not. I will not hear another word against the gays and lesbian. I will not listen to another sick joke about all trans men and women. I will not say a word when they hold another’s hand, and kiss in the name of love. I will not hate you for being anorexic, bulimic, or overweight-but i will hold your hand and tell you that you shine the brightest. I will not hear any more words of the pain coming from the poverty or from the homeless. I will not stand up for those who laughed when they bullied the helpless or spoke words to the emotional. I would not let another tear fall from the battered women who couldn’t say a word when it mattered. I will not let the wrongly accused be accused for evil. I will not let a young woman believe she isn’t beautiful, or young men feel unbalanced in a world full of superficial morals. I will not let the delusional feel alone, but know that i am waiting for them where reality doesn’t always have to be blurry.

This world is full of hate, but i will not belong there. I will not ever speak in vain. I will never speak in foul. I will accept as if i would want you to accept, and i will not give up. Humanity is blind, as is love, and promise. I will not condemn. I will not refuse. I will always accept. I will always defend.



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