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So it has not been a fun-filled day for me. This morning I finally got fed up with being sick and went to a walk-in clinic nearby. I was exhausted, weak and just felt awful. The tummy issues hadn't stopped so I had to do something about it.

I saw the doctor, and I was running a low-grade fever still, and my heart rate was too high. She said that I was pretty dehydrated. They also discovered I had a urinary tract infection (from the dehydration), and a sinus infection on top of the stomach issues. Gah!

It turns out I picked up some kind of bug called Traveler's Diarrhea (lovely, isn't it?). I am now stuck eating bananas, toast (without butter), rice, and applesauce for a few days. I'm only allowed clear liquids like broth, water, and I'm supposed to be pushing a LOT of Gatorade to replace all of the electrolytes I've lost over the last 2 weeks.

I was sent home with a prescription for Cipro for a week (which is great, because antibiotics wreck my stomach even more) and I'm not allowed to go back to work until the stomach issues are over with. I called my husband when I got out of there and asked him to come home around 2 so that he could take care of Zach while I got some rest. That was one of the other requirements ~ lots of rest.

So, since 1 p.m. today I've been asleep. Aaron went and got my prescriptions, beef broth, and Gatorade (so nice that he did that) and made me get up to take my antibiotics and eat around 7 p.m. I'm probably going to go right back to sleep after I get off the computer.

I also found on there's already a kid on the bus bullying Zachary. It's only day 3 and this sh*t has started. I'm going to monitor the situation closely and talk with the bus driver one on one Monday morning while she's at the stop. If that doesn't do it I'll take it to the principal at the school. If this child doesn't stop I'll make sure he gets removed from the bus for the YEAR. No joke. No one picks on my kid. And he's touching him, not just calling him mean names. He kept grabbing Zach by the back of the neck. I know how bullies work ~ the behavior will escalate without intervention early on. I'm putting my foot down NOW.

Due to work and everything else I haven't gotten any furtheron getting my paperwork and recommendations taken care of. Over the weekend I'll make a few phone calls to a couple people I would like letters of recommendation from and ask if they'd be willing to do it, and the rest will have to wait until Monday at least. I need to focus on getting better. I haven't even been able to exercise in over a week because I'm too weak to do it.

Work last night wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The training course was pretty easy, but extremely boring. Luckily they hadn't put in the new touchscreens yet so the system isn't ready to be used. I happily got to use the system I've been using for years instead. It made the night go a lot easier.

I've decided that I'm definitely not going to offer evening hours anymore. I've been away from home the last 3 nights and only got to spend a total of 1 hour with him at most each of those days. That's not going to cut it. I need him, he needs me ~ and being a mom comes first to me in all circumstances.

Other than that, I've really got nothing to say. Still feeling down, but that goes with the territory. I think I'll probably be sleeping on the couch again tonight ~ I just get so much more rest there.


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