"If there seems to be punishment, and even that is the action of grace, which at the time we don't appreciate!!!
Often you say thank you for the wrong guy, to what makes you sweet in the moment, you say thank you for your chocolate flavored moments. But some things squeeze, rob and grind you that you don't say thank you for!
But they're all to your being in such a way which brings you wisdom and rarely were thank full for it."


I love Mooji's wisdom, and this quote i love the most. It is so true we only appreciate and see the good, love, happiness. And when were in fear, depression, anxiety, bad situation, negativity &  trouble we automatically view that is something bad and we become miserable.

But maybe if we try to say thank toy for it, and try to cope with it maybe it will bring wisdom to us and will be in our life for just a brief period until we learned our lesson.

Today i went outside and i said thank you for my life, for the lovely day that is always present to me everyday, like how the sun rises in the morning and the moon at night, no matter what, they rise and fall everyday. So i said to myself i need to go outside and tackle my life, no matter what i need to keep going and not let fear take over me. Because fear is like your shadow no matter how fast you try to run or avoid it, it will be present. Until you realize that it is there to teach you something, accept it and try to learn what it may present in your life.

It is truly important how you program your mind, in what attitude you may be in. For me accepting my fear truly helped and helps up to this day, and i happen to have an anxiety free day and will continue to think positive…




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