Once and a while I have to explain what Bi means and what are my preferred pronouns (She/They). When I do have to explain it, it’s like talking to a brick wall. Always getting, “Why can’t you chose one?” or just getting laughed at, thinking I’m doing this for attention. It makes my blood boil and makes me feel really uncomfortable. Why do I even bother..? This worst part is the school staff, so far we tried to do a GSA but some teachers are very Lgbt-phobic. When we did a protest, aka sticking post-it notes to walls with the flags, most of them were torn down. I want to make this school a bit more bearable for everyone but, I’m starting to lose hope. I try to keep it light-hearted with dumb pride-themed drawings, but it’s not working on me.

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  1. vee-r 4 months ago

    Don’t try to make the school bearable for everyone. Try to make it bearable to you. What kinds of boundaries or things do you need to have/do to avoid feeling disappointment from other people’s lack of acceptance?

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