Where to begin? I guess with the fact that I’m new here. My family probably isn’t as bad as yours, but It is still a bit harder than normal for me. Yeah, families argue sometimes when they disagree, but mine is like a frat house without the college courses. My uncle watches us most of the day, my mom is at work till dinner is done, my step-dad is asleep works early morning shift so sleeps through noon to mid-noon. MY sudo-brother lives with us for now too. I don’t see my dad often and his girlfriend sucks. I constantly deal with my little brother trying to argue with me over nothing, and my parents mocking me for who and what I am. It’s one thing to deal with it at school, but to come home to it and be told your Identity isn’t valid because you’re a teen and haven’t lived yet, and this happens day in day out is painful on an emotional and a psychological level.

My mother laughs behind my back about me being transgender and thinks it’s just a phase and me “wanting to be a girl” is funny. She still calls me by my dead name and complains that I’m making an Irreversible decision that will affect the rest of my life, that treatments are expensive. None of my family respects it at all. I am a girl. I don’t care if you hate on me tell me to get out, bash on me, dox me with limited info, give me death threats, or whatever. I am a girl and I am serious. I don’t like people being hateful, but you can’t say anything worse than what I have already heard. I play a boy, to keep my space, for a bunch of people who can never be satisfied beyond the point of tameness.

The boy has become my imaginary friend whomst I pretend is my twin brother. I use this to cope and move on with my day but hey. we hang out more recently since the whole world shut down. when my family addresses me by his name I pretend they’re talking to him and slip into the role. Things have been getting harder for me lately with being stuck home all the time, but then again who has it gotten better for?




Signed, Isabella1D1w


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