Wasup!!! I am so excited about 27th. Why? because its my 31st. I know you may or may not care but I gotta say but I neeed to say it is such a chore. I go through so much crap trying to get everybody ready and the decorations and the food, I’m still working on the food! But anyway, its safe to say I’m working my ass off and then… lets call her Kaylee, is all up in my business about who’s coming. I mean she keeps asking in different ways. Not subtle at all. And me not wanting to hurt nobody so I’m like “lol I get it, its cool.” and she’s all like “well just making sure so I can remind everybody. lol” I’m just like beeeaaaaach. stay out. its my thing, buzz off. but of coarse I didn’t say that. I was nice about it. I hadn’t even thought of her being controlling until someone I  knew pointed it out and you know, I’m such a hot head. I don’t know, I think she’s just trying to make everything go smooth and I’m being territorial. but me and ‘Kaylee’ aren’t close and we don’t talk much so I don’t know why she inserted herself like that. IDK. you tell me..


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