Hi everyone. Does anyone on here suffer from religious OCD? I think that it is so bad that I can’t go to sleep because of the fear of dying and waking up in hell. This problem popped up maybe three years ago. I think however, that I have had it underneath the surface but I did not bring it up until later on. It all started with me asking my mom whether or not I was saved one day and then I went to say how do you know if God is real? I just started constantly asking my parents if I am saved or not and it became and major concern. One day I talked about for hours until my dad had to take me to the psychiatrist to help me get some relief. I have some many doubts about my standing with God because how much I seem to sin against him. I also worry a lot that maybe I am not concerned with being saved, but just not wanting to go to hell because I think if there wasn’t a hell I probably would wouldn’t care about all this. However, I don’t know if this is the OCD or what. Another issue that has come to my head in the past months was that I think that I am going to hell no matter what I do and  that really is depressing for me. I feel that because of the fact that I have been angry with God and have cussed him out on a number of occasions  when he would not cure me of my illness. I feel that I have really crossed the line with God as a result. I also think that because of the fact that I am biracial that I am going to help automatically and I have know way of knowing if this is true or not? I have not told anyone else about this besides my parents because I did not know if anyone else could relate to this particular fear of being of two races. Any advice would be very much appreciated! Thanks.

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  1. iwant2smileagain 4 years ago

    as a Christian who is struggling with her faith, I would say..
    live your life as if there is a God, than live it as if there isn’t and find out that there was..

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