After my problems with Seroquel, I am reluctant to try any more antipsychotics, but my psychiatrist is really adamant about me taking *something* to help me sleep. Since I have such strong reactions to medication, she was kind of hoping that maybe something over the counter like Tylenol PM or Benadryl might do the trick. I might just let it effect me enough to work. It hasn’t been though, so she said trying a double dose. Still no good. I am now taking triple doses and still to no avail. If I take another dose I will be taking the maximum recommended for an entire 24 hour period, and I will be taking it all at once. No matter how much I seem to take, my body always fights back. I seem to be producing adrenaline at an alarming rate, even while sleeping. My body just doesn’t want me to sleep, ever. I am literally juicing myself when I start to get fatigued. I am really scared to try an antipsychotic after what the Seroquel did to me, and we have already determined that I am too “powerful” for perscription sleep medication. Not to mention that those are addictive and habit forming. …but they don’t work anyway. When I tried those previously I was still awake, I just didn’t have the energy to move a muscle for about 9 hours. It was as if my body shut off but I didn’t go unconscious, just lost control of everything and just stared at the wall in misery, unable to even cry in frustration. This current idea of trying over the counter stuff in high doses doesn’t seem to be doing the trick though. Not sure what any of the other stuff she has recommended might do to me, or if it will even work at all. The Seroquel only worked the first night anyway, and after that I might as well not have been taking it, as it didn’t really help. The psychiatrist is adamant though that I be able to sleep so that I am not so strung out and my stress levels aren’t through the roof. …the whole situation is just causing me stress anyway though. Ugh. I seem to be stronger than modern medicine. This trial and error isn’t going so hot. I think if anything, I am going to end up being put on something in such a high dose my body just won’t be able to fight back because it will just completely shut me down. Afraid I am going to end up comatose while trying to have this chemical battle with myself. And yet I haven’t had any luck with anything we’ve tried so far, I am beginning to wonder if anything really will help. Ugh, depressing just thinking about it.

  1. Stacy 16 years ago

    I know exactly how you feel. I feel that I am doomed to misery forever. I have tried so many meds, and i’m only getting worse. With out any meds, I cant stand being in my skin or around anyone. With them I’m a nut case. Nothing ever seems to work. I’m taking seroquel for sleep. What bad effects did it have on you? I cant really tell if it’s helping or not.

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  2. JPrime 16 years ago

    It disabled my ability to urinate. It was rather unpleasant.

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