I just want to share my story. I feel very alone in this and I hope to find someone who is like me and worries like me.

Im 18 and in university. I have have had OCD for years now and it runs in my family however not the same phobia. Mine is of blood but just menstrual blood. It's not the worry of catching anything. Just that is that type of blood. I dread every period. I cry and leading up to my peroid i just constantly worry and think about how im going to deal with it when i come on. I want to stop my periods and im on the pill but cant delay it forever. I get anxious when im on that ive touched things after going to the loo. I think its all dirty. Even when im not on i hate sitting on chairs because other people who have been on their periods have sat on them. What if blood got on to the chair? I am constantly worrying. I change my clothes alot. And when I have my period i am worse. I feel like all of my clothes are contaminated and that i am distgusting. I try not to go out when im on my period and i wont let my boyfriend touch my lower half of my body when im on. even though i have clothes on. I hate toilets because i know people have used them when they have been on their period. and i just can't cope anymore.

My mum understands and my nan. But everyone else thinks im weird. and i know i am. I clean my room with wipes all the time but it still feels distgusting. I wont let anyone but my boyfriend on my bed. My whole family knows not to, but i feel so bad about it. Can someone please just help me. even a littlebit of sense. I know im being silly. I really hate OCD and im taking psychology so i should know better but its so difficult.

Anyone else share my worries?

Thank you

  1. telknit23 7 years ago

    Although I’m not familiar with this particular obsession, it has a lot in common with general germaphobia, which I know quite well.  What you need is some sort of cognitive behavioral approach.[br][br]  Since you are a psychology student, you are probably aware of the resources out there but, just in case you aren’t, have you tried therapy or at least one of the self-help books?  Two that come to mind are Freedom from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (by Jonathan Grayson) and Brain Lock (Jeffrey Schwartz). There are others–if you look around the site (blogs, forums, and members’ lists of favorite books) you will find more suggestions.  Best would be to find a therapist with some good OCD credentials.  Some cities also have support groups.  Finally, are you taking any medication?  For some people, that is a huge help. Welcome to the Tribe!

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  2. kaleyg22 7 years ago

    You're not alone! Lots of people have similar problems, including me:) Its not as drastic as yours, but I obsess over toilets and bathrooms and things like that. I dont sit on the seat either! haha:) I dont think you're being silly. Lots of things about ocd are unreasonable and dumb, but it's a real disabling worry. Im in psychology too! I'm here to talk if you want it!xx

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