So so angry with my so called sister. She keeps canceling and volentering for work knowing she would take me somewhere. Got in a major argument because I asked to go out of town a little bit ago. Time comes, snow on ground, didn't include that day, next day she canceled and following day she volenteers to work, knowing she would be taking me out of town. She called me ungreatful because she was going to get a used washer for me since mine stopped working. I watched her kids and even let her finish school and yet I'm ungreatful? She always didn't consult me before switching jobs or moving or even going to school as a surgical technition. I'm ungreatful why? Because I don't have a car, can't afforded one, have a part time job which only lets me work 2-4 days a week. Most i got out of this job, which i'm still looking for another job was 34 hours. Didn't get the washer because I refused to go on any other day (hence I got busy). I told her not to pick me up if she wasn't going to take me to the mall today. She had to work at 3pm. Not my fault on top of this she had a dentist appointment which i just found out in the morning. So I am not talking to someone who is more spoiled then I am. I borrowed money from my mom ($250) and paid it back of course and she took a grand. I don't know about anyone else, but if I was such a spoiled brat, I wouldn't watch my niece and nephew at all. I had to cancel a lot of my things to watch them. This leading up to the present. Bribes don't work with me, I was not in the mood for Mcdonald's sweet tea.


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