Prehaps its best if I focus on what I have IN common with others as opposed to what I have NOT in common with others here and else where.

I came back for my own reasons be they selfish or selfless or both be that as they may I will only say if you have issue with me or anything I say from this point out either ignore me talk at me or with me in pvt what ever you choose saying you sounds harsh in and of its self mispreceptions misunderstandings are not what I am all about I will not mention names in a negitive manor

IN my last blog I did not say anything negitive about anyone not even myself so lets leave the past in the past the present in the moment and the future if we have one in the future.

I am allergic to my own and others bs we all have bull crap to deal with heal over and asend from me I am here because I am depressive, and sad about how my over all quaility of life has been effected due to spiritual mental emotional physical and soulistic changes for the better or not for the indifference or high priority in my emothional status due to mental status due to physioloical status period end of statemet,

I have a VERY STrong personality I have had to in order to thrive not just mearly survive so that being said hope each of us inds a bit of joy in all the pain and depression we encounter from with in and with out.

If you have a negitive feelings or throughts about me leave it to your self or tell someone who wont go and bash me as I am not well on multi levels and if that bothers you or my behavior does go and write a patition and send it to a monitor please give me the benefit of the doubt as I have tried to do with others in all areas of my life this was a safe space for me befor I do not intend to trigger anyone have a blessed morning afternoon evening or night which ever is applicible sincerely Moon Wolf Eagle Andreasparks just Andea or moon wolf will suffice ciao for now.

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  1. borntired 9 years ago

    i am sorry someone has been giving you a hard time, we are responsible only for our own reactions and not how others react to us

    i know that in reading the written word it is sooo easy to misunderstand people, i lost a dear friend to an email fiasco where we each thought the other was angry, but by the time we figured out the truth the damage had been done and our relationship was never the same

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