As far as i reckon , depression and disappointment goes hand in hand or if i put in better word, i should say, the pinnacle of disappointment is depression. Generally , disappointment comes when we are not able to meet the expectations related to us from our parents, frends, peers and most importantly our own selves. To be disappointed from one self is the worst form of it , a person is pushed towards the well of depression . As much as i am concerned, I am only 18 and still I am always in a state of depression. No matter how hard i try to muster up all the strenght and courage in me to look forward a novice beginning and a brighter side, i can not just help it, the clouds of disappointment are so much thick and dense around me that i can not see the shining bright sun. I have lost my best friend since college and now I have no one to share my worries with. I got admission in my favourite and one of the best universities but my folks could'nt just afford it and i have to go to a university which i loathe the most. To add more misery to my situation I do not even have frends here. when i see the photos of my friends from college and school with their friends hanging around and having fun, I can not just help it, my ears become puffy and i start weeping instantly. I am disappointed in me, my dad wanted me to be the perfecr student and i could not do it. I am depressed all the times. I think about suicide all the time but I do not want to end up in hell. i just do not knw if I will ever get a better life or a good day. I hope I do else the situation is now getting out of my hand.


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