Hey Whoever is Out There,

I'll go by Properfessor for now, if you don't mind. Most of the introductory stuff about me is in the profile. This is my first day, here; 30 December, 2013.

It's 1536 hrs my time, which is Pacific, if you must know. I am twice divorced but over both (the last marriage ended in 1999). I just wonder if, at 45, anyone would even want to be with me. I have tried with a few girlfriends since, but none of them seemed to be more than friends. It would be nice to have more than that.

I am double-majoring in Computer Information Sciences and Multi-Media Arts; I intend to make documentaries. They will be successful, because I am pretty smart and will get them done, and done well.

I am a man to whom appearances of women do not matter. I don't care about anything but sense of humor, and it'd be nice to have some deep conversations every once in a while.

I drink coffee. I love the stuff. I don't drink alcohol, smoke, or use drugs. I don't mind people who do, just don't do it around me, M'Kay?

I was diagnosed depressed in grade school, and went 30 years undiagnosed Bipolar (2007). I am a good man, I believe, but sometimes people don't want to look that far. I think I am fairly attractive; I have been told so more than once. I am 6'2" (approx.188 cm) and 220 lbs (just under 16 stone). I am a big guy, but not fat, as if that even mattered.

I'm not sure how this works; I went online today to see if there were any online groups for Depression/Bipolar, and Duck Duck Go directed me to this website. I was not prepared to say all of this, so bear with me.

I would love to exchange emails with someone, or however this works. Please feel free to reach me at [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you. Always,



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