Goggled Danny Gokey and Christmas, hoping to catch a clip of today's Disney parade in which he performed. Guess it's too soon.

Instead, I found this and was transported to the happiest 20 Christmas mornings of my life, the ones in which you lived here. But, I gotta say, memories of this Christmas are just as cherished. Just watch the Hebert Christmas party on aunt Mary's video. Accd'ing to her you were the "star" performer of Beetle's Rock Band.

No, sad "I still miss her" tears tonight. Instead it's about the warmth glowing in my heart that is there only because you are part of my life.

Michelle, I may have not said the words "I love you" as much as I could while you were growing up. If that is true, my big mistake. I do know, however, that you doubted not a moment that you were wanted, loved and cherished everyday of your life.

This video clip includes so many holiday moments there were viewed here with you. My personal favorite is the opening scene of this clip…. of the movie whose name eludes me, of the man sitting on the ice area…oh, yeah…serendipity…a great word if ever there was one.

It's funny how one visual memory can lead to so many others. As I type this out to you by the glow of the Christmas tree, know that I am with you in spirit tonight as you tend to God's neediest of all children…those entrusted into your capable hands.

I'm proud of you, I love you…and, at last, I celebrate your independent spirit. I am filled with gratitude that you have found your soul mate.

May your life together create memories today that lead to cherished tomorrows.

Merry Christmas pumpkin.

Love, Mom


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