It feels as though time has stopped in this quiet house. Physical manifestations of the shackles that grip me so in my mind have become real. Strangely invisible to the eyes, the rusted iron of their make cut deep into the skin around the wrists. Slowly the wooden floorboards begin to rotten and decay. The ceiling appears as if they begin to deteriorate and fall into this empty space above it.  The walls begin to crumble and fall over the weakened floor and yet I am expressionless on the bed still shackled by this invisible force. A heavy weight on my chest falls upon me and the reality of my situation begins to dawn on me. I am trapped and the world before me is disappearing. Oddly, I am unconcerned about what happens next to this dying world, but more so with the idea I am being raped. This faceless figure is hiding in the shadows of what little remains of the walls of my bedroom. The shadow has characteristics of a female yet I cannot see any distinguishing features on her face. She speaks in only noises yet I understand and am mortified about what she is saying. I feel small and weakened by those noises. I am now in a pool of water, but below me is a slick oil like substance. I am sinking quickly into this dark substance. I am struggling to stay a float but cannot. I scream yet nothing comes out. Only this faceless woman that stands above this pool of water is there. My fear in my eyes pierces nothing in her hollowed soulless body as I fall out of view. This nightmare starts all over again… I awake gasping for air. It’s late in the day. My mouth is dry. My shirt feels damp from the cold sweat. I start crying begging for death to escape this nightmare. It takes me awhile to recollect myself and realize I am awake. That this isn’t a nightmare, but reality. I drop the knife and realize that the cuts on my arm are pooling blood on the floor. I am alive…


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